Week eighteen

2 broke girls
(S4 E21)
So Han doesn't know how to throw a bachelor party. Who is really surprised? That's right. No one.
And apparently Sophie has trust issues. Because of perogies. Understandable. Food is important!
Then there's Caroline. Sending a boob pic with her face in it. Really, Caroline, rookie mistake.

I guess that's it for this episode. Sophie and Oleg are still getting married. Caroline and Max somehow managed to make some money. Earl was being charming and supercool all at the same time. Everything is going its normal routine.

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Week seventeen (2)

(S2 E7)
Ok. So I always thought Undateable was cute. Not really mindblowing but nice enough to spend some time.
But what the hell happened this week? Did everyone lose a bet or something? There were soooo many rocking guest appareances! And even one rocking rocking guest - Ed Sheeran.
The list goes on: 
  • Victoria Justice - a little creepy that the two old guys hit on her....
  • JD & Turk!!!! - Zack Braff and Donald Faison, whenever those two are together things just flow. It's always great to watch.
  • Minnie Driver and Christa Miller - I'm not sure why exactly this combination. But why the hell not. It worked!
  • Neil Flynn - good old janitor, sticking with the scrubs - theme.
  • Dr Drew.
  • Scott Foley - scandal in the house!

    As I said: No clue what is going on but I liked it!



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