week sixteen

Once upon a time
(S4 E20)
Woah. Where to start? After accidentally offing Cruella, Emma seems on a bit of a downward spiral. It seems like a self fullfilling prophecy to me. Kinda. She blames herself for the consequences of her parent's decision (but also them, veeeeery much so) and is starting to let the darkness in to prove their desicion wrong? Anyways, something is not going in the right direction. In the right direction, towards Storybrooke is where Lily is now headed. That mother-daughter reunion is going to be straaa-haaa-haaange, for sure.
However props to Maleficent to looking magnificent in her rocking outfits!

Meanwhile, Gold and his almost black heart are letting, Belle go. That was nice. However it clearly stirred up some feelings for Belle.
And speaking of hearts: Robin and Regina are together again! Who thought there wouldn't be a twist? But THAT twist? Oh boy..... or girl? Zelena preggers. That doesn't bode well.
Last but not least: the author seems shifty as h-e-double hockey sticks. I'm almost looking forward to what new kind of carnage he is going to unleash on Storybrooke!

28.4.15 20:27

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