week sixteen (2)

New Girl
(S4 E 21)
So many good things happened in this episode. First: the best couple blend I have seen - ever! Faw-midt. Unfortunately in the end Fawmidt are no more. Good for Cece and let's be honest, who didn't see it coming? They were definetly not meant to be.

A couple that was meant to be as it now seems are Coach and May. Does that mean no more Coach? Apparently. Darn. He is a great character.
The scenes were Winston and Nick tried to cheer him up were brilliant because a, Dora the explorer!!! and b, "You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol. You treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol. It's science." Yes, Dr. Nick for the rescue!
Speaking of doctors. The loooove doctor. Oh boy. But hey Jess was mostly right. However "sending" Cece away to climb a mountain now, when Schmidt is finally single again, was pourly timed.
Time is also the focus of my last personal small ray of tv-sunshine. Jess asking Nick who he sees in a far far away time sitting by his side. You wanted him to say your name, Jess, admitt it you little love doctor, you!

29.4.15 13:57

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