Week seventeen

Once upon a time
 (S4 E21)
The thought that popped into my mind the most often this episode? Lily is such a bitch. And not in a badass dragon kind of way.

Darkness indeed. She was seriously pissing me off left and right. Attitude, girl! Stuff it, why don't you? Now that you're here and you have your mom and everything seems to be looking up, just embrace it. So in the end Lily agrees to give it a week. We'll see if it takes.
Meanwhile we find out why Regina had to adopt Henry. She took a potion to spite her mother and never have children. It took a very special kind of courage to drink that particular concoction. And like always we're left wondering: was Cora concerned, just a little bit, about her daughter's happiness or wasn't she at all? Regina is so sure that Cora only wanted to kill her and then reign through her child. Was she? We'll never know.
Nottingham as fake Robin was kind of fun. The remark about the "lowly stable boy" somehow sealed his fate, if you ask me. Always pride before a fall, into the dungeon, with fire, because you pissed off the evil queen.
Back in the future: Regina has the author and the ink, but decides to do the right thing. Growth! Yeay for Regina! I hope that won't bite her in the ass, now that the author is with Gold.
Gold and his black heart. Symbolism be quiet!
I'm really interested what's going to happen now that it's Gold's turn.
And one last afterthough: Aaaaaw! Hook convinved Emma that forgiving her parent's is the way to go! You go, Hook! 

5.5.15 18:12

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