Week seventeen (2)

(S2 E7)
Ok. So I always thought Undateable was cute. Not really mindblowing but nice enough to spend some time.
But what the hell happened this week? Did everyone lose a bet or something? There were soooo many rocking guest appareances! And even one rocking rocking guest - Ed Sheeran.
The list goes on: 
  • Victoria Justice - a little creepy that the two old guys hit on her....
  • JD & Turk!!!! - Zack Braff and Donald Faison, whenever those two are together things just flow. It's always great to watch.
  • Minnie Driver and Christa Miller - I'm not sure why exactly this combination. But why the hell not. It worked!
  • Neil Flynn - good old janitor, sticking with the scrubs - theme.
  • Dr Drew.
  • Scott Foley - scandal in the house!

    As I said: No clue what is going on but I liked it!



8.5.15 16:42

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