Week twenty

Young and Hungry
(S2 E10)
At the beginning of the episode Gaby is overwhelmed. I can understand that. What I don't understand is the being mad at everybody. They lied. Yea well. Everybody lies sometimes. Get over it.
Not to unexpecteldy Gaby got over it. By concentrating on her career. Getting an audition to an internship for a fancy schmancy chef. That she got it because of Josh was rather obvious. Even more so when Josh was standing in the doorway. However in the end Gaby messes up her sauce. Only to be determined to redeem herself. Which she does! In the end she gets the intership. Also almost foreseeable, since it would be boring if Gaby and Josh would actually finally be together, right...? At least it seems that every single writer in all of TV thinks like that. Yeay for us! We can get annoyed because of the obviously fabricated obstacles all the time! 
But I digress. We'll see how it'll all turn out once Gaby has returned after six months. I'm going to take a wild guess and predict that there will be more obstacles in the future.

28.5.15 12:14

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