Week twenty-two


(S 1 E12)
I can't believe Liza actually got away with this. I mean - I can otherwise the whole concept of the series would be over and done with after a season. But really? Josh forgives her? Just like that? He is one big-hearted guy. One big-hearted young yummi tattoed guy....
Aaaaanyway. Liza managed to mend fences with Josh, so check on the social/love life front.
Business-wise she is also in the clear. After getting blackmailed she uses the mails to record the blackmail. Genius idea. And very mail-heavy.
In the end social world and business world are still alive and kicking. And we're looking forward for a second season to see when (if?) her lie will blow up in Liza's very youthful looking face!
Royal Pains
(S7 E2)
Hank is back! Not only on our screnes but also in the dating pool! And his first and second date are with boozy lying red heads, who happen to be the same person. What are the chances of that? Wow.
What else is new? Evan has very old very slow swimmers. Interesting..? Well, we'll see how the baby making plans will progress in the course of the season.
At the beginning of the episode I was wondering how easily Divya got out of the police/ child protective service situation (thanks to Jeremiah's impeccable FREAKing!)
In the end I knew why - because she didn't really.
Is there a even fiercer custody battle on the horizon?

Seems this season is very baby-centered. I wouldn't be surprised if one of Hank's exes came back with a kid he never knew about.
The one thing I missed this episode: Boris. He's just.... Boris! Everything gets better with Boris.

10.6.15 21:41

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