Week twenty-two (2)

Orange is the new black
(S 3 E1)
 A few things to start this off:
I'm rewatching 'That 70s Show' at the moment. A few episodes ago Donna (aka Laura Prepon aka Alex Vause) murmured the following words: 'I can't believe I'm an accessory to a crime. We could get caught. I could get arrested. I could go to a girl prison!' (That 70s Show S8 E7)
Don't you just love it when you just happen to stumble over such pearls? Beautiful.
Also: Don't you just love Netflix series? A whole season available in one day! Brilliant! 
Enough with the b-words for now. Or is it? Let's talk about a few bitches!
So. Alex is back in prison. Red is beginning to look normal again. Nicky and Boo want to sell their heroin. Or do they...? And then there are bed bugs. In a prison. That can't end well... Fortunately there's no time to waste! Off I go watching another few episodes. Just because I can!

14.6.15 21:43

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