Week twenty five

Nurse Jackie
(S 7 E12)

The last day for All Saints has arrived. And what a day it was.
There was a special guest from London (or two if you count under five years olds), a deposition that brought nothing but trouble for Eddie, a guy with a gun plus a very suicidal seeming Dr. Prince and last but not least: someone injecting heroin between his toes.

Interesting constellation of people I'd say. The thing that impressed me most:
I always admired how in the world O'Hara always knew when Jackie was high. I mean after she knew about it. Before she was as clueless as O'Horowitz.

And what now? How is Jackie doing mind-yoga to interpret? Overdose? 

This series really captures the struggle of having to deal with an addict. Whenever it seemed like she had it, she went ahead and ruined everything again. Maybe this time it'll be different. Or maybe not. I hate open endings. 






29.6.15 18:12

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